ROHub Key Facts

ROHub currently stores 2816 research objects, aggregating 92068 resources and 27868 annotations, and has 96 active users .

ROHub has been used in different domains, but it has been particularly tested and applied in Bioinformatics, Astronomy, and Earth Science


Latest news 15 October 2018, 14:00

ROHub portal v0.13.8 has been released. This release includes several new features related to user management, including support for different identity service providers, user profiles and user search. Additionally, this release implements different Search Engine Optimisations (SEO) methods to increase visibility and findability of research objects on the Web, and includes seve...
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Gain new oportunities

  • N01Create, manage and preserve research objects
  • N02Explore, discover and reuse research objects
  • N03Assess and monitor research objects quality
  • N04Collaborate with your colleagues and the community
Who supports ROHub?

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ROHUB is a great tool for

Researchers, scientists, students
  • - Collect, publish and preserve your research artefacts
  • - Manage the research lifecycle
  • - Contribute and collaborate with your team
  • - Encourage the publication of reusable results
  • - Facilitate the review process
  • - Increase the quality of published results
Corporate users
  • - Manage your corporate resources
  • - Preserve the corporate knowledge
  • - Make your results available and receive feedback from collaborators and users
General public
  • - Find and discover new knowledge
  • - Contribute and provide feedback to research findings
  • - Get visibility in the community