ROHub Key Facts

ROHub currently stores 3036 research objects, aggregating 88947 resources and 26399 annotations, and has 96 active users .

ROHub has been used in different domains, but it has been particularly tested and applied in Bioinformatics, Astronomy, and Earth Science


Latest news 29 June 2018, 14:00

ROHub portal v0.12 has been released. This release includes full collaboration support with access control, session management, general privacy policy statement, and several fixes/improvements.
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Gain new oportunities

  • N01Create, manage and preserve research objects
  • N02Explore, discover and reuse research objects
  • N03Assess and monitor research objects quality
  • N04Collaborate with your colleagues and the community
Who supports ROHub?

Recent Activity

    by Imran Asif created on 16 October 2018, 14:55
    by Marcin Berendt created on 11 October 2018, 12:54
    by Francesco De Leo created on 09 October 2018, 15:07

ROHUB is a great tool for

Researchers, scientists, students
  • - Collect, publish and preserve your research artefacts
  • - Manage the research lifecycle
  • - Contribute and collaborate with your team
  • - Encourage the publication of reusable results
  • - Facilitate the review process
  • - Increase the quality of published results
Corporate users
  • - Manage your corporate resources
  • - Preserve the corporate knowledge
  • - Make your results available and receive feedback from collaborators and users
General public
  • - Find and discover new knowledge
  • - Contribute and provide feedback to research findings
  • - Get visibility in the community